Knowing Your Value Women, Money and Getting What You're Worth by Mika BrzezinskiThe author of the book is Mika Brzezinski is an American television journalist, author of two books. The book begins with the story of how Mick became a co-host of a new morning show about politics. The show gained popularity, it took a very long time, and in the process it became clear that, despite the heavy workload and accept others the contribution of Mickey in the show’s success, its cost was objectively miserable, more than an order of magnitude less than its partners. Reflections on the subject of how she ended up in this position, and how to get out of it, inspired the writing of this book.

The first and main conclusion, which is described in the book «Knowing Your Value: Women, Money and Getting What You’re Worth» — many women find themselves in a similar position. The author has interviewed many successful women and they all admitted that they were in a position where their work is paid worse than working much more modestly gifted male colleagues.

Girls brought up in terms of “like”, and not achieved. Women are waiting that someone will appreciate (being assured that the higher see everything and notice), while men just go and regularly advertise themselves and ask for a raise. In this sense, women are their own worst enemies. The amount of payment (we can talk not about the money, but any benefit) is not proportional to the quantity and quality of the work done. Receives more than the one who asks more, and the women initially brought up to stay put. I think that this is a problem for some men too. But for women it is a problem, you might say, constitutional.

From this follows another question. Many women is enough of praise instead of money (because that is a good reward for the person who wants to please). Smart managers can exploit this moment: public recognition, praise, a souvenir can often be relying premium. Therefore, less emotion, more arguments.

The author examines the behavior of men and women in the workplace. It’s really funny (if it weren’t so sad), if you look closely. Men in business there is a “sister” demeanor, which is never used by women. Men among themselves can you swear to send obscenities, make threats, but literally five minutes quietly chatting in the Smoking room and discuss the details of the sport.

But God forbid such demeanor will elect a woman to the male counterpart. In the best case it deems abnormal, at worst, would be a real insult and war. With the exception of cases when the woman always behaves (and often looks like a man). In short, if you go through life lady, taking over men’s behavior will only get worse.

Another point — women tend to apologize. If in a situation there is the slightest reason to feel guilty, a woman will apologize because I don’t feel its right to be right. Naturally, such behavior creates the impression of a weak and unworthy person. Especially bad when the woman apologizes, asking for a raise.

Also women tend to hide the hole. If there is any unpleasant and unprofitable task, the man will simply reject it, and the woman probably agree, because “someone has to do it.” In reality, you just have to do what you pay for (or promise of a bonus). For men it is the only yardstick, then women need to learn from them.

From all this it follows that the main problem of female emotions. Making money (and any bonuses) is the process of bargaining where both parties should be well considered. The other side is normally considered to be good. So I want to get more, count that you have to get it. It is necessary to adequately assess their abilities and achievements (which for many means not to be underestimated) and to exclude emotions from the process of bargaining. Any emotions reduce the effectiveness.

A separate and important issue is a woman and her family. If a man at work brags about their children, it is affection. If a woman brags about their children, there is an idea that work for her is not as important as family. But if a woman at work bypasses the issue of his family (even if she has a husband and children), a lot of work and demanding of others, it is the glory of soulless evil bitch and children spared the whole team.

Any fact about a family (existing or not) can be turned against women. In men the opposite. However, many recognize that women with children, and forced to reduce working hours for family Affairs, working more efficiently than men. Because they feel guilty for their “inferiority” as an employee.