charlotte-bronte-jane-airCharlotte Bronte is a classic writer of nineteenth century England, which influenced the life and philosophy of many generations. “Jane Eyre” is one of the most fateful works showing the relationship of a young girl the author to life, to peace, to relationships and God. The writer raised questions are eternal and philosophical. Throughout the book the reader is in search of answers and displays them for yourself.

The narrative of the novel is the first person – a young girl named Jane Eyre. She was early left an orphan and from a very young age lived with the family of the brother of her mother, his wife and children. In childhood, Jane was a weak child who needed attention and care. She was ready to deal in order to earn a little bit of love. But the attitude of stepmother and half-brother led to him moving to a specialized Lowood school for girls. There she was taught proper manners, the French language and other Sciences, which were useful to young ladies.

At school, Jane Eyre learns to distinguish truth from falsehood, learns about what friendship, disappointment, fear and loss. Many trials fall on the shoulders of a frail little child. Growing up and leaving school, she becomes a teacher and governess. Sincere feelings described by Charlotte Bronte not for a moment allow to doubt that they existed. Moreover, together with the main character of the novel, the reader experiences all the same emotions of passion and sorrow.

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Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte
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Charlotte Bronte made a revolutionary breakthrough in the English novel far ahead of its time. Borrowing the intimacy of the epistolary tradition of the 18th century, Charlotte Bronte found a way to literally hypnotize the reader with the confidence and intensity of direct communication with the reader so that the reader, author and character become one. Even today, many fans of Jane Eyre will never be able to forget the moment when I first walked into the strange and dark world of this novel.

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