emily-bronte-wuthering-heightsWuthering Heights” (1847) – one of the most famous novels about love in world literature. Its popularity over the years does not decrease and is growing. A huge number of movies filmed.

The plot of the novel has inspired composers to write songs and ballads, even in the famous Saga “Twilight” by Stephenie Meyer is the mention of “Wuthering Heights”. According to many ratings, it’s the most romantic book of all time. Do not think that this novel is just a wonderful love story with a happy ending.

This is a very unusual book, full of unexpected plot twists, the sometimes tragic outcomes. In the background mysterious and darkest phenomena of nature in the souls of heroes such raging passions, which are striking in their power of even the most sophisticated reader.

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Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte
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Wuthering Heights is so strong a psychological book written by a woman about a man that I refuse to pay attention to the unrelieved suffering of each character and object, and the naivety of some scene of veins, and on the opinions of people who don’t refuse to pay attention to it.

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