Herland-by-Charlotte-Perkins-GilmanThe book “Herland” was written in the early prosperity of feminism in 1915. This book is about a country where 2000 years there was not one man. And one day in this heavenly place come three men. They represent the three template types – brutal macho, effeminate romantic poet and anything in between with enough knowledge and tact in one person.

They encounter a women’s society, which does not need a man. All for nothing – including conception. Women learned to perform all of the male function, they developed a physically more fragile than any Ms. of the early 20th century, they possess a unique method of the immaculate conception and in their environment, no political strife, no jealousy, no quarrels. All this they gradually etched from the society, the whole purpose of the existence of which is only one – the children. Children are main, the only and common heritage. They are loved, cherished, not punished, and they grow just adorable.

In this society men, of course, are of interest, but do not need them. This is the fact that deals with male chauvinism the biggest impact.

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