Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets by Joanne Rowling

Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets by Joanne RowlingThe book “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” by Joanne Rowling is much more exciting, more interesting and richer in events and turning points. Here first flight on a flying machine and travel to the scary forbidden forest, meeting with the unknown creatures and spooky spiders, the game of quidich with a new seeker Draco Malfoy. and finding the secret room will give our protagonist a lot of surprises.

Harry finally meet his enemy, the Lord Volan de mort. It’s also the book in which Harry Potter start to grow up. Compared to the first it is distinguished by its mystical nature, seriousness and a kind of nebula. Here begins a new stage in the life of the protagonist. And together with this stage unfolds a real detective at the end of the line, based on the mysteries of the past.

The story is very fascinating and interesting. In this book we learn a little more about the Weasley family, who are squiby. The book shows more how hard to study at school of magic Hogwarts, but the film focuses on the adventures of a legendary Trinity.

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