frankenstein-or-the-modern-prometheus-by-mary-wollstonecraft-shelleyThe first book of the young writer, who also was only 19 years old, very rarely becomes the property of the national literature and becomes world famous. However, the fate of the novel, Mary Shelley “Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus” turned out.

Written almost two centuries ago, the book left a deep imprint on European and American literature. Today we can safely say that “Frankenstein” the originators of the genre of science fiction. It has a grim but unusually strong energy narrative about a scientist, a unique invention which turned into a tragedy for him and others.

Not coincidentally already in the XX century to this subject addressed by many writers, and the novel was repeatedly filmed. The name of the Frankenstein, the man who created the evil power with which he could not cope, became a household name.

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Frankenstein; Or, The Modern Prometheus by Mary Shelley
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The novel is written in an unusual manner – in the letters.
“Frankenstein; Or, The Modern Prometheus” is worth reading for everyone, as it has become a classic for all time. After reading the book many will realize that Frankenstein is not such a monster as portrayed to us films.

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