The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom«The Five People You Meet in Heaven» by Mitch Albom is the author’s conjecture about what may await man after death. Mitch Albom suggests that there is, on the other hand, we must meet five people who were somehow connected with us in life. Some of them we loved, who were our friends and anyone we met and connected with us only indirectly.

But each of these people will open our eyes to the episodes of our life, about the true meaning of which we have not even imagined, allowing you to see what happened to us from a different angle and realize that “each of us has a big effect on someone close, and that, in turn, the man next to him, and because the whole world is full of stories, and they are all just fragments of one story, the one and only”. We see it all with the help of the protagonist – Eddie is the story which begins with his death.

Eddie was a humble technical employees at the amusement Park. His life was vexed bleak and mercilessly long. He didn’t know fatherly love, had no children, and outside of ruby Pier, where he was born and grew up, went only once to the Vietnam war. For eighty years he amassed no wealth, no fame, and left this world the same way I came in – empty handed.

It would seem that important or interesting can be so dull life? That Eddie thought so until I got to heaven. There his guides were five people, acquaintances and strangers who told him his life. I suddenly found that the existence of even such an ordinary person – not just as filled with meaning, which he himself from mundane passions are hard to see.

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