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What Bradbury wrote 60 years ago is coming true with incredible accuracy. Humanity is mired deep in the information garbage. Evening news: aunt Frosya lifted the cat from the tree, the Teens learned how to make drugs with psyllium, the President was bitten by a mosquito, the global pop star bought a new toilet…

And, actually, why is this news? And because more to talk about. Age of conquerors of space and the great victories were left far behind and, unfortunately, we don’t even make efforts not even to go back and at least close to it. The paradox of the XXI century: free time more, but it is not always enough. What we spend our life? Career tick, tick, summer vacation at sea for show, buy cool cars for show… All for show.

Life “under the template”. And that for myself? In the book by Bradbury everything is virtual. Virtual relatives, friends, entertainment. We do the same. Parents on Skype, Facebook – communication is limited to correspondence. In order not to be like the characters of this novel we need not so much. You need to learn to think not only about themselves but also about their family, about friends, learn to spend more time with them.

You need to learn to notice the butterflies on the flowers, the birds in the sky, shapes of clouds, not just debits and credits. You need to have time to feel, to remember, to feel, because all of the material once broken, lost, could destroy him, but no one will destroy your memories.

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