End-of-Watch-A-Novel-The-Bill-Hodges-TrilogyThe first announcement of the detective thriller «End of Watch» held on 21 April 2015. Then the novel was presented at the trial called «The Suicide Prince». However, over 10 June of the same year was approved the final name «End of watch».


A little earlier, taking literary Edgar Award for his novel «Mr. Mercedes», Stephen King has announced the return of the main villain of the trilogy Brady Hartsfield in the final novel. With this statement, the writer raised a pretty big hype around the upcoming book.

The plot of the novel plot
After a traumatic brain injury villain trilogy Brady Hartsfield for five years in a specialized clinic. He can not move or speak. Hartsfield constantly lies, mouth drooling profusely flowing, and his eyes potuplen. The chances of recovery from this mass murderer is almost there. Who would have thought that behind all this ugly “picture” lies waking consciousness and new skills acquired after injury. Now Hartsfield can sow evil without even getting out of bed. He is obsessed with killing and generate general chaos.

Since the end of the actions described in the first book, “Mr. Mercedes,” it’s been a long time. Now the former detective Bill Hodges has its own detective agency. In solving crimes it helps him Gibney, the man who is also motivated by a thirst for justice. Detective Hodges sincerely hoped to Hartsfield finished forever. However, this pair of “hard-boiled” detective even could not think that everything is just beginning. Going to investigate a suicide, Hodges and Gibney faced with an elaborate revenge Brady Hartsfield. The violence threatens not only the two detectives and their families, but also throughout the city.

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