Spy-Secrets-That-Can-Save-Your-Life-by-Jason-HansonCIA officer tells how secret service methods can help in everyday life and to ensure your safety. When Jason Hanson began working in the CIA in 2003, he could not assume that the tactics and techniques used in counter-intelligence, surveillance and protection of special agents may be useful in everyday life civil.

He can free himself from handcuffs, pick the lock, to determine whether the interviewee is lying, to create improvised weapons for self-defense and first aid kit out of scrap materials. In addition, he developed increased vigilance – he is constantly “scans” the surroundings, instantly identifying suspicious behavior from others, and the slightest sign of danger.

These skills Hanson shares with readers in his book, showing how:

Avoid domestic burglary, theft and seizure of the car, street assaults and other violent crimes; Determine that you are being followed; Calculate scams – including trips abroad; Become a lie detector, and discover that you cheated in any environment – including business negotiations; Be prepared for any eventuality.
Jason Hanson adapted skills and higher level skills for ordinary citizens living in today – and not very safe – the world.
For whom this book? For anyone who wants to ensure their safety and that of his family.
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