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Take a thick piece of colorful fabric, shred it into a thousand jagged patchwork of smells and tastes. A little gilt-paper to impregnate the children’s delight, add a handful of beads, Sunny yellow flowers of dandelions. Then, from colored glass to collect summer. To place it all between two mirrors in such a way to make visual phone that you want to rotate through words and imagination.

The device is intended for detailed examination of the summer of 1928, conducted by Douglas Spalding in the town of Greentown, Illinois. It is even possible to bottle summer days in bottles, to choose to each his own vessel, and then certainly nothing will be forgotten. Somebody specifically for this and came up with dandelion wine. Just a pity that it is impossible to seal the glass in the life of a loved one, young parents, entrepreneurship and grandparents…

Sooner or later everything ends, someday we have to admit that nothing is infinite. Everything wears out, loses its lightness and charm, like tennis shoes at the end of the summer. But how happy could one man be when he finds out that living! Some people, 95 do not realize this. But Douglas got lucky and in 12 years he realized that the most important thing is to be alive.

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