Complete-Original-Short-Stories-of-Guy-De-Maupassant-by-Guy-de-MaupassantGuy de Maupassant – excellent French writer, author of a variety of stories, ironic stories and novels, the first place in the French short story. Full name of Henri-René-Albert-Guy de Maupassant.


Maupassant was born in a surprising place – Miromenil castle into an aristocratic family. His father – Gustave de Maupassant, the mother – Laura le Poitevin. His parents divorced when the writer was 11 years old. He stayed with his mother until his death hated his father. Maupassant since childhood differed excellent health, though none of the family members could not boast (mother often fell into a painful depression, and younger brother died in a hospital for the mentally ill). The future writer briefly studied at the seminary because it ignominiously kicked out of her. After Maupassant Rouen joined the Lyceum. While studying in this institution Guy de Maupassant excelled in subjects such as poetry and theater. His mentor and friend was Gustave Flaubert. According to counsel the young man decides to go to Paris to study law, in 1869, after the end of the Lyceum.

But the Franco-Prussian War broke all the plans. Guy de Maupassant during the war he served on the front of a simple ordinary. Here he and developed an interest in astronomy, mysterious, deep reading and science. The writer was afraid that it will overtake a family illness (mental disorder), so very diligently to develop their physical and mental development. Maupassant different athletic.

Unfortunately, the war has not been in vain for a family of Guy de Maupassant. The family went bankrupt, so the author began his career as an official Admiralty. And doing this for as much as ten years to somehow feed themselves and their families.

Over six years, the author wrote in the table, waiting for the approval of Flaubert. And the first story by Maupassant was published in 1880 with tales of Zola, Alexis, Ceará, Ennika and Huysmans. Then the author was already 30 years old. Fine irony, concise, rich and profound meaning of the story and are key indicators of his works. His works are delaying any reader, because they rages different palette of emotions and subtle, inoffensive humor. The author of eleven years has created numerous works. Short stories by Guy de Maupassant associated with normal and seemingly not how remarkable life of the era. Maupassant novel “Life” Leo Tolstoy called “the best French novel after novel” Les Miserables. ”

Guy de Maupassant has reached huge earnings at the time, which indicated that a large readership of love. In his possession was 4 villas and two yachts. The writer felt obliged to financially support his mother and seven brothers. On the topic of luxury and brilliant career of Guy de Maupassant wrote once his successful novel “Bel Ami”. Maupassant himself did not expect that “Bel Ami” will become so popular that it filmed already 9 times!

Guy de Maupassant, the stories of his contemporaries, was one of the greatest lovers in modern French history. It is alleged that Maupassant had sexual contact with thousands of young women having sex almost every day for over a quarter century.

Since 1894 the author’s illness began to emerge with renewed vigor. First, he resumed syphilis. It triggered hallucinations, seizures, and mental depression. But Maupassant was still creating. The disease still broke the writer, and in December 1891 he was admitted to the hospital, where he tried to commit suicide (cut the throat). Maupassant first returned to consciousness, but then the attacks began to recur more often. He died July 6, 1893 by a progressive brain paralysis.

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