The-Wind-in-the-Willows-by-Kenneth-Grahame“Wind in the Willows” by Kenneth Graham enters the 200 best books on the version of the BBC, is a classic of English books, and conceived as a bedtime story for the author’s son – Alastair.

The book is a fabulous story about the adventures of four friends – Mole Mole, Water Rat Rat, Badger Badger and Toad Todd. Adventure they happen diverse, funny and not really, but they are constantly interspersed whole sheets of text about the beauty of nature in England. These sheets have raised questions, and for whom all written in this book – if the children, would not it boring to listen to all these dreamy, romantic passages, and if for adults – not too simple story, which device in the world leaves more questions than answers?

World author draws very beautiful – the mysterious dark forest, a lovely leisurely river, a cozy chat with friends by the fireplace, dining vkusnyuschie from the disclosures of which are watered and run. Cozy home and mink, which is always so nice to come back. Faithful friends who are for you mountain. But at the same time, a bunch of logical inconsistencies – intelligent animals eat their own kind (or may be the ones they eat animals foolish?). Near inhabited by people who as pets keep any other animals, apparently too foolish and nonspeaking because the question arises, what is the principle in this world was a division into reasonable and unreasonable beasts? With people of our heroes do some weird relationship – they easily communicate with people can sometimes take a toad per person, there is a question (!) – The same size of these animals? Toad the size of a human? All this is very strange.

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