The Colour Out of Space by Howard Phillips LovecraftBusiness was in Arkhem, ancient and, perhaps, one of the few remained towns where legends of evil spirit have lived up to now the Person on behalf of whom the narration is led, comes to this corner to carry out a marking of a new reservoir. And locals (and strangers here for a long time don’t stop because this place irritates them, and there is nothing of that kind that could be seen, and just mysterious place generated at them terrible imaginations and nightmares) warn the story-teller that the Incinerated Heathland is a “dirty” place.

At first it seemed to our hero that people exaggerate, but having reached the site, he understands that any other place on the earth couldn’t carry such suitable name as it. And here, Emmie Pearce, the local whose memory stores a trace about events of “terrible days” and only who has agreed to tell history, begins the story. Howard F. Lovecraft. Modern writers, authors of mysticism and horrors refer to him as on the teacher. There is a wish to make friends with such famous mystic and besides by sight the good-natured gentleman.

Sometimes negative responses came across, and fans said that this literature not for people with a weak stomach, and for the adherents ready to pass hundreds of pages that the puzzle transferring improbable alarm and mortal melancholy of places and events was as a result finished. And here the story “Shine From the Outside” from a cycle about dreams was the first. If to compare to King (where my experience is very poor too), which frightens by behavior psychology, that an animal in us, then G.F.L. exhausts the reader unknown, unknown. It becomes clear that mankind nothing in comparison with immeasurable chasms of space and time which are possibly existing and to us not known. “Shine from the outside” gradually piles on the agony and opens an intrigue “it has come from the outside where all not as at us”. And in the head of the shivering reader fatal presentiments are born, the condensed darkness awakes gloomy images. And all this goes far beyond a side of my consciousness.

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