Caesar and Cleopatra by George Bernard ShawAncient Egypt .. As it was a long time ago … Events and people of that time are so far away that it is difficult to imagine that all this once existed and these people really lived. But science is a stubborn thing, and she, relying on her sources, says: “It all once really happened.” But even she is not able to tell something concrete, much and remains only in the field of versions and guesses.

And this gives the will of writer’s imagination, which certainly does not know any limitations and uses the known fact as it needs it. For example. Entered Bernard Shaw in his play “Caesar and Cleopatra.” His play, by and large, has little in common with the historical reality, but we leave it on the author’s conscience, and this does not make his play less interesting. His Cleopatra is so unlike the image that we are so used to. This 16-year-old girl, at the beginning intimidated and naive, she believes every word of her environment, her mentors. It is profitable for them to tell her all kinds of horrible stories about the Romans and their emperor Caesar, then they themselves can rule the Egyptian kingdom.

But a chance encounter with a Roman ruler opens her eyes to many things, and the reader (spectator) watches as a simple-minded girl becomes the sole ruler of her country and how her naivete becomes even cruel. Now in her hands the fate of Egypt. And you can only hope that she will become a wise queen. Do not forget: Shaw tells his story of this ancient country.

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