carmilla-by-joseph-sheridan-le-fanuFew people know that Joseph Le Fania was one of the first writers in history who wrote a fictional story about vampires. And of course, Dracula shocked the world and became extremely popular. Carmilla is described as a Gothic novel. It tells us about a young girl who was bitten by the vampire Carmilla. When writing his novels, the author does not invent a story about vampires, it uses material from the sources that were available at the time. But of course the author has made this novel incredibly exciting, fun and interesting, thus it differs from most fantasy books that were released in the 19th century.

By the way, Carmilla, which is the main character of this story, it is also the first lesbian in English literature. And even if the author does not explicitly say this, but in the novel, many sexy moments, and the intimate tension that occurs between a vampire and a young woman. The heroine was gorgeous and she had many abilities, one of which is passing through walls.

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