a-room-with-a-view-by-em-forsterThe story of the rise and fall of a young girl who is forced to spend gray days in the 20th century in England. The story is set in Britain and Italy, the Author began to criticize the shortcomings of society in the UK, making the book a small revelation at the time. Today, in the 21st century, critics have called this work one of the greatest books in the English language in the 20th century, and this means that everyone needs to read it and to feel it. This novel made the film in 1985, which became a hit at that time and even won several awards. In the book it tells about first love, who grew up in the harsh reality.

As the author talks about many issues of the 20th century which excites it, in the main, these questions relate to policy and society. He paints a detailed, comprehensive picture of the customs and traditions that have dominated 100 years ago, and from a historical point of view, they are priceless.

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