breaking-his-rules-by-r-c-matthewsThe story begins with the fact that Samantha gets a job as a bartender in one of the best institutions of the city. And there is one rule not to sleep with regular customers or with the boss. But this is not a problem for her because she’s a girl and money could never make her lose her head and start to chase a rich man. But when she met Damon, everything changed. He owned a nightclub, and his eyes were blue as the ocean. It was her dream, and she didn’t want to risk everything for one night with him. But this man, whom she met, she felt a strong connection with him.

It is obvious that sex with him was amazing and he wanted more than just one night. How could she deny such a man, isn’t it? Besides, he was her boss and tell him “no” probably not the best idea in the world. This novel captures you entirely, especially you will not be able to break away from the juicy details of life of the main character.