Her Bodyguard by Sabrina PaigeName of eBook: Her Bodyguard
Author: Sabrina Paige
eBook genre: Fiction & Literature › Romance Books
Available Download Formats: ePub, PDF, Mobi

The book «Her Bodyguard» by Sabrina Paige Review and Quotes: Alexandra is off-limits. She’s the forbidden fruit that you simply can’t touch if you wanna stay out of trouble and keep your job. But Max doesn’t care about all that. All he wants is to bend her over his knees and give her a nice spank. Her delicious body is calling to him, and there’s nothing that can stop him from claiming her in the most erotic and naughty way.

Now, Alex is a princess, and Max has a strict rule of not messing around with the royal clients. He prefers to protect them and to get that big check at the end of the gig, but there’s something about her that makes him do all kinds of crazy things. She’s a sassy little hussy, a 100% minx and a dirty girl that deserves to be punished. Alexandra is hot as hell and every single man around her wants to take her to his bed.

Yet, the pretty woman doesn’t care about those losers – she needs a real man to handle her and international scandals won’t stop her from getting what she wants. She’s strong-willed, independent and a smart ass – she doesn’t do anything Max tells her to as her personal bodyguard. So, that makes him want to just grab her, put her over his big, mighty shoulders and treat her like the naughty girl that she is.

You can’t touch a princess, not when your job and reputation are on the line, but Max can’t resist the urge to rip her clothes off and take her to Heaven. At the same time, Alexandra finds him irritating, arrogant, cocky and…extremely attractive. Aha, she’s head over heels for him, and it’s just a matter of time before the two will fall in love. Her Bodyguard is a full-length, standalone romantic novel for the fans of gorgeous and bossy young women and rough-tough bodyguards slash alphas.

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