The Blue Fairy Book by Andrew LangThe Blue Fairy Book by Andrew Lang – FREE EBOOKS DOWNLOAD

Andrew lang (1844-1912) became widely known through the collections of fairy tales, but not their own fairy tales, and fairy tales written by other authors from around the world. Andrew lang rewrote them in his own manner – retold in his own way.

As a result, by 1913 created a series of fairy tales, 12 of which have become the most popular and have been combined in a series with the General title: “12 Coloured Fairy Books”.

“Color” they were called because the name of the books consisted of any color: “The Blue fairy book”, “The Green fairy book”, “The Purple…” etc.

“The Blue fairy book” is the first book in this series, which includes stories from around the world. The 37-story collection presented in an attractive paperbound volume with enlarged print also contains children’s classics as “Sleeping beauty”, “Rumpelstiltskin”, “Beauty and the Beast,” “Hansel and Gretel”, “puss in boots”, “faithful John”, among other favorites. This is a classic work and display excellent literary abilities well-loved children

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