alices-adventures-in-wonderlandThe book “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” for many decades is one of the most popular books. Moreover, among the admirers of this book are not only children but also adults who are far over thirty years.

In the list of the hundred best fiction this book is listed as “classic postmodernism”. Lewis Carroll is in fact not a writer, by profession he is a teacher of mathematics and that’s why in his fabulous “beyond” the world (not meaning “dead”, and in the sense of “unreal,” inaccessible to human logic and consciousness), the author invites us and entices.

Alice, who misses on the river, looks into a book that reads sister and does not understand that is good in the book which has no pictures, she plunges into an afternoon nap. And suddenly she sees a White Rabbit with a pocket watch muttering to myself and extremely hurrying. Curiosity overcomes of Alice and chasing a talking rabbit she falls down a rabbit hole into a wonderful imaginary world. About the strange adventures of Alice in Wonderland, the reader will learn from this terrific book.

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