Annabelle Worthington was born into a wealthy family belonging to the high society of new York, and raised in luxury homes on Fifth Avenue and Rhode island. But one cold April day there was a terrible tragedy, which completely turned her carefree life… The Story of Annabell is a real hymn to the courage, dignity and the will to win. This is an unforgettable journey from the light-filled dance halls of Manhattan to the horrors and suffering of the First world war. This is a story about an amazing woman who found the strength not only to resist the blows of fate, but against all odds, to build their happiness.

Reader’s feedback about the book: Against All Odds by Danielle Steel

I do not understand the desire of the author to make the main character fell so many misfortunes. And the death of parents on the Titanic, and her husband-the homosexual (whom she let go, so to speak, with a friend in Mexico, I do not believe that the girl is not a scandal, learning about this) , then war, rape, the groom who ran away after learning the truth. And in the end all is well, all happy.

Most importantly, how many heroines have the money, where is the state? Neither economic shocks, nor the war has not diminished this. How many people are involved in certain activities, went bankrupt during this time? But the girl who received an inheritance, preserved the money in the amount that she could live comfortably abroad and keep their estate in the United States. I about this book learned from one of my friend ask where she touted this book, wrote that it should impress the way the woman overcomes all difficulties. When I started reading, the first thing that unpleasantly surprised was the language, created a sense that reading someone’s writing on the wall in contact, and not a work of art. Not to say that the style is clearly modern, with no consideration of developments in the first half of the twentieth century.

Waste of time. No book, weak plot, uninteresting character, no atmosphere. And it would be possible to make great book…… The book starts with the sinking of the Titanic, then the first world war in Europe. Besides the heroine – deceived wife, which builds its fate itself, no matter what. Well, just Downtown Abbey. But alas, apparently the writer was too lazy to do historical research, and she decided that women eat, and so, if only the love was. I used to read Danielle steel, but either I grew out of that period, or Daniel scribbled.

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