A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce CameronA Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron – very nice and good book. From the first page couldn’t put it down. Very easy and relaxed. I feel like the author really understands dogs and is able to talk to them, just so subtly conveyed the thoughts of the dog. And it’s true each dog has some sort of a purpose in life of each person. To bring love and care to protect and keep the owner from dangers that may lie in wait around every corner, to be a friend to children.

After reading this book a completely different look for your pet. Get to know him much better and his attachment to you. How he rejoices when you come home from work, as EMU hurt when he hurts or how he misses you at home alone. Dogs are not people, they will always be loyal to you no matter what. And when you make a dog then you get something more than a pet – you’ve got a friend that will never leave you and will be faithful to the end.

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