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The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls

The-Glass-Castle-by-Jeannette-Walls2-1Autobiographical novel of a young American writer, tells about her childhood years, the family and the adventures in which her family all the time fell through the fault of her parents. Presumptuous alcoholic father with a dark past, which actually forced to marry his wife, and then for many years engaged in that tamed and brought down his small impoverished family for the sake of self-affirmation.

Lazy flabby weak-willed mother with delusions of grandeur, escaped from the overly domineering mother and ended up trapped in their laziness and lack of will. And four children who were not lucky to be born in such “non-standard” family.

Walls in any case does not blame his parents, like many children, who as a child did not buy a pony. On the contrary, it tries to maximize soften the effect of his shocking narrative by inserting almost pastoral stories about how his father explained to her daughter the position of stars in the sky. But for the reader of these therapeutic techniques will hardly be noticeable by the endless succession of stories about the empty fridge, no warm clothes, permissive attitude of parents in regard to the sexual abuse of children, etc. Yes, in some parents were not bad, they develop children’s creativity and give them food for the mental development. But otherwise it was just a quiet horror. How do you three-year baby, which she cooks sausages themselves, and then, when she was treated in hospital for burns, her father steals, because at home it will be better, and soon she cooks sausages again. Or the case when the parents went to the bar for a few hours, leaving the children in the car in the sun. Or when stuffed children in the truck – three youngsters and a baby – 14 hours, ordering silent as to transport the people in it can not be and grabs the police. Or when during one night escape from creditors father threw the cat in the car window, which was uncomfortable, just threw, and his mother said that the wild in nature it will be easier. Just some nonsense.

From the novel it is not clear what the author wanted to achieve – whether this was a novel be a warning to all parents, whether the Walls just wanted to let off steam or she pursued some deeper purpose.

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