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Crocodile on the Sandbank by Elizabeth Peters

Crocodile on the Sandbank by Elizabeth PetersSpinster of 32 years, who decides to finally live for yourself and looking for adventure in Egypt, and even the action takes place in 1884, the year? In the book «Crocodile on the Sandbank» by Elizabeth Peters, main hero Amelia after the death of his father inherits his estate, than an extremely dissatisfied with her male relatives. She never married and devoted his life to caring for my father, and after his death remains one. In her own words, she does not possess the beauty nor face nor her figure did not conform to the beauty standards of the time. Therefore, the more amazing and fun for her is getting sudden attention of suitors. Amelia does not possess beauty, but she’s smart and understands the cause of male interest in her inheritance. Caught a couple of lulz, as they say in the Internet, it satisfies their vanity, potestis over silly and greedy men.

Don’t be fooled, she’s packing, shake down the legal issues and organizing a trip to Egypt for excavations. Ancient Egypt — her passion for many years and finally she realize the dream and see the pyramids.

But, as in any journey, something is bound to go not according to plan, and more precisely — completely different than intended. Her companion — a necessary for those times the need for a woman alone in the journey — fell ill with typhus, and Amelia can’t go further alone. Luckily for her she meets up with Evelyn, and then they travel together.

At this stage, I had the witty observation, a critical look at the structure of society of that time, appropriate jokes. Elizabeth Peters writes simply, but with dignity. Not yet started the main part of the novel involving potential male romantic partners of our heroines.

Before I read diagonally overlooked, what genre is the book, saw the words “mystery” and “historical fiction”, and I had a kind of Agatha Christie, but fun. However, after the first third of detective stretched like chewing gum, and I began to get suspicious. Google suggested that Elizabeth Peters — something like American Dontsova. Her name is actually Barbara Mertz, she wrote under two pseudonyms, and extremely fruitful.

Barely short of the middle part to the ending the author finally added action, and began again the normal story rhythm, as in the beginning. Main gripe with the book is tight text without any incidents in the main part. The beginning and the end kept in suspense, and in the middle like stuffed cotton.

Detective book can be called a stretch. Who is the villain it becomes clear as day before the final. I wanted I liked the book. I liked the main character, her friend Evelyn, and some minor characters (their guide). They are well written and evoke sympathy.

However, the males look like cardboard figures that put on promotions. Flat and silly. One man so the man, the brutal, bearded, and hiding emotions (as if that someone else is not brought to a heart attack). The second is soft, naive and delicate.

Despite the fact that the author is female, main character is a woman, the girlfriend of the main character is a woman, the focus of actions aimed at men. Amelia asked the initial impulse, go to Egypt alone. But during the trip, the events had already been determined by men, and well, how can something, really? Oh-Oh poor unfortunate archaeologist, let us not sleep two nights at his bedside, because he has a fever. He will then appreciate it. He is not grateful? Oh these foolish men do not understand that they need to be happy. He grits his teeth and turns purple when I open my mouth? He definitely feels complex emotions. We need to help him to open up.