Your Tempting Love by Layla HagenThe book «Your Tempting Love» (The Bennett Family #5) by Layla Hagen is one of the most popular bestsellers. The protagonist of the book – Christopher Bennett – a very charismatic and successful man. Christopher has a very high mental capacity and also superior charm. Thanks to Christopher and the family business thriving, and known throughout the world.

Christopher is a very social person, and he also believes that there is nothing more important than family. In turn, his relatives often try to arrange a personal life Christopher, trying to meet good girls. One of the attempts to introduce Christopher’s girlfriend was a meeting with designer Victoria Hensley. Family Christopher is very much insisted on this meeting, and Christopher after some resistance agreed to meet her.

After the first meeting of Christopher and Victoria became clear – Christopher is in love. Victoria very beautiful girl who has a sense of humor and high IQ. However, Victoria tries not to fall under the charm of Christopher, because she has a rule about not Dating clients. Victoria cherishes her work and reputation, she can’t lose her job, because in the care of Victoria are her younger brother and a younger sister.

However, Christopher is so in love with Victoria that he is ready to change the world, to win the love of Victoria! Will it be possible for Christopher to win the hand and heart of Victoria?

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