Your Brain Is a Time Machine The Neuroscience and Physics of Time by Dean BuonomanoName of eBook: Your Brain Is a Time Machine: The Neuroscience and Physics of Time
Author: Dean Buonomano
eBook genre: Nonfiction › Science & Nature
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The book «Your Brain Is a Time Machine: The Neuroscience and Physics of Time» by Dean Buonomano Review and Quotes: In his Los Angeles laboratory neuroscientist Dean Buonomano, based on electrophysiological, computational and psychophysical methods, trying to figure out how the brain determines the passage of time . Logging on to his website, you can test your own ability to perceive the smallest time intervals.

On the website played by two pairs of sounds, the gap between which is only a few milliseconds; you must determine which pair of interval is shorter – actually, the job is a little different from the one which was given to musicians of the Istanbul scholar.

Buonomano found an explanation for the phenomenon I was talking about: people can improve their abilities by training, but when they move to another vremenno mu cut, throws them to their former positions. The acquired skills can be spread to other ways of perceiving, not the other vremenny e intervals.

Buonomano believes that the brain perceives the sounds as a kind of dimpling on the surface of the water thrown into the pond the pebble. After the stone has sunk, ripples still some persist, becoming a sort of “memory” of recent events. When the water drops another pebble, the ripples from it is feeling the effects the ripples from the first pebble on the water for a moment remains a “record” of both events. The same thing happens in the brain.

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