August Pullman is an ordinary boy extraordinary. A normal fifth-grader, with the characteristic of this age, desires and Hobbies. And at the same time, August Pullman a very special child.

In the result of a rare genetic mutation of his face looks different than any other person. The first meeting with August was to shock everyone. Children are often afraid, and those who particularly lacks sensitivity and kindness, selflessly tease, boycotted, bullied. But August Is A Miracle. And not only medical. Despite how ill-treated him nature, moved despite 27 operations, some other health problems, ridicule of others and, at times, the horror, to read in their eyes – no matter that August is not embittered, not hardened

He’s not a whiner, not a crybaby. August – sun. Affectionate, joyful, cheerful. He is strong willed and kind boy. Of course, in August there are moments when he is sad and despair. And who doesn’t? May August by nature an optimist and a pure soul. But here the big merit of his parents and sisters.

Have August wonderful, just wonderful family! Like compensation for all the suffering he endured. Incredibly loving and caring parents who took son as he is struggling struggling for his happiness and well-being, for his life, for his right to be a normal, ordinary kid. After all, he is a normal child, even if someone disagrees.

Yet August has an older sister Vija. She is healthy, beautiful girl and loves her brother. The Wii has a surprising sensitivity, patience and understanding. She is also a Miracle. Sister, and a real treasure! Tions in fourteen years is a very reasonable and sensible. She accepts the situation as is, not enough of a riot or a scene (with very few modest exceptions). And she often has to bite his lip, swallow the insults, put up with existence in the background. Parents try very hard to prevent this, but there are times when this cannot be avoided. August birth tripled requires attention, care, mental and physical strength.

And there is still dog Daisy. She is also a member of the family, beloved and dear. Such a family as August is also a Miracle and a worthy example to follow. They hold each other, help and support, don’t despair, believe in each other.

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