Wind-Sand-and-Stars-by-Antoine-de-Saint-Exupery.The book «Wind, Sand and Stars» this unusual, gentle, and very beautiful book. If you are not familiar with the work of Saint-Exupery – start with her. “The little Prince” is amazing, but painfully beautiful, it evokes a longing for that simplicity, in those fields where he raised us. «Wind, Sand and Stars» lives not in heaven but not on earth, but because this book is much more close to the human heart. Not yet in full force, but steadily and firmly as she literally blows on the main creative principles of life and ideals of its Creator, ideals, tested and proven life, hard and strong until the very last moment of author’s life on the earth.

The book «Wind, Sand and Stars» is written so that can impress the reader with his openness, his credulity. Every syllable breathes inner harmony, beauty and elegance. After all, Saint-Exupery – the perfect poet! Saint-Exupery understood, I found these words to them, as the key that opened the doors for us in the deepest region of his soul, where’d be afraid to let outsiders. But who on this planet for people Saint-Exupery the stranger?

Book the flesh of its author: it is woven of thoughts and feelings, not recognising the tones, reaching to the extreme. Like a bonfire, gives itself to all and is committed to warm everyone. As the woman, being tied to the pillory, knowing that it will laugh that it will mock and be sure to throw a stone, still ready to meet every joyful and friendly look. Remember how the soldiers were going to shoot Saint-Exupery, but the latter was saved by the smile turned to their commander?

I know that I will justify your hopes. I created this image this book that upon the slightest inconsistency your expectations, you are disappointed in it.

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