Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail by Cheryl Strayed

wild-from-lost-to-found-on-the-pacific-crest-trailThis book is an autobiography. In it the author describes his long journey. As she says in the book, all the burden she felt in life, motivated her to travel without any reason and purpose. It’s a very touching story about self-discovery, this story is witty and full of wisdom and strength.

A few years after her journey she studied literature and has published numerous articles in various Newspapers. Today, the author of this lovely woman lives peacefully with a loved one, who is her second husband and a successful Director. And the couple has two wonderful children.

After the book, she was for many years, responds to readers ‘ questions about love, sex, friendship, work, and the meaning of life. She says we don’t have to go into the wilderness to find yourself, life requires of us every day that we lived it. Even if we lose a loved one, or can’t pay the bills.

Cheryl Strayed wrote a very interesting book that should be read every person on the planet Earth.

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