White Fang by Jack London

White-Fang-by-Jack-LondonRemarkable for its strength of the book. Unusual wolf, quarter dog’s blood, nicknamed White Fang. The nickname he received from his first master – the Indian. But before that life has taught him a lot. Life was not at all merciful to him. In his childhood he had known the laws of wildlife, studied the foraging and care, have experienced hunger and the hostility of other hungry predators. He grew up to be smart, careful and independent animals, but the voice of the blood not let go, forced him to obey the man. For it was the immutable law that man is God, and the owner must obey unquestioningly.

And from then on he began to pass the harsh and brutal school life. He had to know the hatred of fellow-dogs, and most importantly – the cruelty and deceit of people. It all made him angry, reclusive animal that could only kill and not believe anyone. And it is doubly valuable that was found in the way the White Fang is a man who not only saved him from death. It is his patience and love could break a wolf erected a wall of rejection and anger.

White Fang finally believed that the man-God is able not only to command and to punish. The owner can be kind, just and loving. But for the sake of such a master, you can tame your instincts and learn to live according to its laws. But this is not within everyone’s the beast. So to transform from unreservedly cruel and vicious beast in the patient obedient the dog is the only wise being. But White Fang was not only strong and tough, but really smart and grateful. The book is strong and very hard, often cruel.