Where Darkness Lives by Alexandra IvyName of eBook: Where Darkness Lives
Author: Alexandra Ivy
eBook genre: Fiction & Literature › Drama › Romance Books
Available Download Formats: ePub
The book «Where Darkness Lives» by Alexandra Ivy Review and Quotes: Abby for several months now, works as a companion to some old lady. One day, in a mansion where the lady lives, our heroine breaks an expensive vase, worrying that her for this, she hears an explosion. The old lady dies, and poor little Abby possesses a Phoenix, which immediately makes her a target for demons, ghouls, and witches, who now strive to kill it with Phoenix.

Oh Yes, there is another Dante – who do you think he is? Do not guess! Our Dante is a hauntingly beautiful vampire pirate appearance (even if he was unwashed gamer, but because there is!) and has long been in love with Abby (and she has long had a thing for him and even did not hope for reciprocal feelings) He served the Phoenix, who was at old mistress and now forever bound to Abby and to protect her from all the demons. Well, then comes running here and there, a couple of fights, five times one of the main character, almost deprived of life and, of course, a couple of love scenes.

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