When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi

when-breath-becomes-air-by-paul-kalanithiepub-mobiThe author of thirty-six years he learned that he had cancer, at that time he was the father of a great neurosurgeon, but suddenly the fate has turned her back on him signing a death sentence. He began to fight against death, but could not. Paul Kalanithi died in the spring of 2015 and he unfortunately didn’t have time to finish his latest work, this book is a wonderful novel, and his last desperate battle. The book tells us about the author and his wife as they together dreamed about the future. All the action begins when he was a student of medical Institute.

He then studied at Stanford University and studied the human body. When the author was informed of his imminent death, he began to ask himself lots of questions. He tried to find the meaning of life a few days before his death.

I can’t go any further. I’ll go further. These words about this book, and the fate of the author. His legacy still lives and inspires people, when you read this book you will understand your life, your death and may you become wiser.