The Wedding Clause by Alexandra IvyMolly Conwell, living ordinary lives, working at a very rich Lady Woodhart. Molly of course wants to live in better conditions, but still showed no initiative to improve their lives. One day, after the death of Lady Woodhart, and Molly learns that Lady Woodhart left a legacy of thirty thousand pounds, and ordered to divide the inheritance equally between her grandson, Viscount «Hart» Woodhart, and Molly between. However, the late Lady Woodhart set a condition – Molly and Hart should get married, otherwise none of them will inherit.

Molly informed even imagine could not, that may inherit such a large fortune. Molly is a very urgent need the money – because she wants to restore the good name of his brother. Without this inheritance, she would not be able to give his brother a second chance at a new and decent life. However, between Molly and Hart immediately broke out the contradictory feelings that may escalate into a passionate love …

About author: Deborah Raleigh (Alexandra Ivy) — American writer, specializing in romantic literature (especially about England Regency). She is the author of several dozen novels. The most famous is the novel «The Wedding Clause» Deborah graduated high school La Plata (LaPlata High School) and graduated from the University of Truman (Truman University) the bachelor of arts degree majoring in Speech Communications. Raleigh traveled to Europe and visited England. She currently lives in Northwest Missouri with her husband David and two teenage sons Chance and Alexander. Deborah works in the school system.

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