a-walk-in-the-woodsFirst, attracted by the fact that these are real events from the life of author, Bill Bryson. Ie all the things described happened to him really. And that alone is admirable. The story is that after reaching a certain Mature age (about 46 years), the author wanted to test myself, to try something new that he’s never done before. He had the idea to go all the way on the trail Applescal, more than 3000 km, with a backpack behind shoulders. Companions he took with him his friend of youth Steven Katz, who in his time was not averse to a drink. And please read about their adventures in this great enterprise.

Secondly, in the course of the story bill tells in parallel interesting facts about conquer friends: on the Appalachian trail itself, about what plants and animals there are, or have, on the contrary, are not found due to the fact disappeared from the face of the Earth, the stories of other tourists who have visited there. All this is very harmoniously intertwined with the storyline.

Easy, interesting and fun to write a story about the journey of two already not so young buddies Appalachia. It’s admirable that this book is an autobiography! Writer tells about his own adventures and experiences, about what he thought and felt. In the book there is also a lot of scientific data on the nature of these places, the history of towns, stretching along the Appalachian trail, about the features of Hiking with backpacks and the car, and more. Surprisingly, even in such descriptions, bill Bryson makes a lot of jokes, which makes reading the book without missing a single line or word!

In any case, you can’t judge a book by the movie – absolutely different things! The book is much livelier, more meaningful and more fun.