Wake A Sleeping Tiger by Lora LeighThe book «Wake A Sleeping Tiger», authored by popular author Lora Leigh, became a bestseller in the genre of «paranormal romance». Hundreds of thousands of fans each day read this book and await the author of a new exciting novels.

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Review the book «Wake A Sleeping Tiger»: Holding his mate close later that day as he came awake, Cullen felt a sense of relief that was euphoric. This was his woman, his mate. Because of her and the connection they’d shared since that first night at her father’s, he’d controlled the Primal as it emerged.

The extraordinary strength and cunning it possessed had ensured his ability to protect her, but her bond to him and his knowledge that she lived had kept the feral madness from overtaking him. Now, looking back at the knowledge he’d sensed as the Primal, Cullen knew that connection was the reason he’d also maintained his calm over the years.

Until Chelsea had tried to leave him and resign from the Agency. Running his hand up her bruised hip in a whisper of a caress, he let the miracle of her sink inside him, warming parts of his soul he’d never known were cold. Those hidden places were now warm and comforted and filled with the love that flowed from his mate. Brushing his lips against her neck and licking over the mating mark, he felt her come awake. Languidly, lazily, she stretched against him. Her hum of pleasure was a gentle sigh against his arm where she rested her head.