The-Villette-by-Charlotte-BrontëFrom thought to action. Among the people that nature has rewarded with unbridled and unbridled thinking, Charlotte Bronte is the most extreme radical element of integrity and forgetfulness. Very good object for the icon of literary feminism, but not for the present.

“Villette” – the final of her work, which is most interesting for the army of fans of the writer, because the mighty face of Charlotte reveals in the greatest glory, throwing at the readers all accumulated alone 36-year nonsense, all the serene heat of thoughts hermit and all the unfulfilled craving for privacy.

That is why the “Villette ” is not only the fattest, but also constantly bored. Fate was not kind to the author, Charlotte died at the age of 38, though, and survived his sisters. One can imagine to what extent the ego of the writer will expand, the voice of which has just begun to increase, the confidence of whose judgments is only beginning to be supported by the necessary life experience.

Unfortunately, learn about it we definitely will not succeed, because the substance of Charlotte so all my life and sat in a swamp (literally, because the house of the family Bronte was around feverishly unhealthy marshes), only a few times appearing on people. To the deep troubles in life writer can be attributed to the analogue of Lowood school with its epidemics, where she visited with her sisters in childhood, and that actually hyped writer and another school in Belgium, where Charlotte was a teacher, which the author dedicated a few books, if not all.

It is worth noting, that in real life writer so pleasantly and not was in school. Her bright, as the road to happiness, and a great dream-to open her own school, was implemented only formally. But, as a good writer, all it is, in fact, the episodes from his own life, Charlotte has devoted his life to the present and his entire literary life. She studied school problems, the work of a governess, was ready to become a headmistress. Your approach is publicistic, but a serious look at things captivates readers, and the sincerity of loneliness and isolation of the environment complete the formation of the master pen.

The author once again was not afraid to put himself on display, while not even coming up with plot moves to please readers. Yes, it could only afford to promote the writer, but the truth of the relationship, no one can doubt.

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