The Vegetarian: A Novel by Han KangName of eBook: The Vegetarian: A Novel
Author: Han Kang
eBook genre: Fiction & Literature
Available Download Formats: ePub

The book «The Vegetarian: A Novel» by Han Kang Review and Quotes: This book belongs to the amazing literature of our time. In the center of the plot – a young Korean Yeong-Hye. She is quiet and submissive girl, staying in a moderately unhappy marriage with some terrible husband suddenly begins to see a completely insane bloody frightening nightmares, which lead her to give up meat and any animal food at all.

The logic of this act can not comprehend none of the others. Husband furious, the elder sister is puzzled, but silently sympathize with the parents bubbling with anger and resort to the barbaric methods to force the daughter is a grown married woman – to do “the right thing”, and she Eun-Hye wants to become a tree and quietly slips into madness. In the novel a delightful three-stage structure, where each arch features a new narrator and is separated from the previous one in time.

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