Trump's War His Battle for America by Michael SavageName of eBook: Trump’s War: His Battle for America
Author: Michael Savage
eBook genre: Nonfiction › Politics & Current Affairs › Social Sciences
The book «Trump’s War: His Battle for America» by Michael Savage Review and Quotes: Michael Savage is one of the greatest voices of our generation, a fearless man who’s not afraid to speak the truth and stand up for the American nation. In this sweeping new book, Mr. Savage talks about the ex-president Obama’s heritage and everything that Trump, the 45th POTUS will have to do in order to restore the country after all the terrible things that the previous administration has done.

If you ever wanted to read a book that would tell you what the most probable course of action for the United States is, grab a copy of Trump’s War. Trump’s been at the office for just a couple of months, but he’s already moving mountains and turning heads with his courageous, witty and strikingly effective moves. It’s safe to say that he’s the last hope for this country, and if he fails to do what’s necessary, the American people might never get another chance at a safe, peaceful, loving and caring community.

Savage has spent the last 2, 5 decades waging war against the globalists and all those disgusting folks that want to turn the US into a money machine, not a place where our kids can be happy. Our language, our values, and borders are being violated on a never-seen-before scale, and we need to speak up and start walking instead of talking. Europe is a vivid example of what can happen when the people prefer to stand still and do nothing.

They say that Michael Savage played a key role in Trump’s victory, and now he’s back with a vital message to all the Americans and people from the rest of the world: don’t lose hope and never stop fighting for what you believe in. This is quite an uplifting, inspiring and motivating book, one that should be included in the school program.