TRUMP: THE ART OF THE DEAL epubThe first part is more of a biography of the working day. As I stood where he went, what he did, said, etc. although it is possible to highlight some points that will help you work or just listen and imagine yourself in this place in life when you get a chance! Not bad? You can take note.

1. Always trust your gut.
2. Always doing what you know best.
3. Sometimes the best that you did.

Really liked the second Chapter because the author sounds convincing! Then the fun begins! How? How to make a deal? Where to start, how to speak, how to deliver, keep, etc. the first part you can just listen and leave, and the second to highlight and return to again and again to draw, finding it all fresh and new! The main thing – to read very carefully! The author is very much important and the right words to say! Each Chapter is the small life lessons that will help to survive or to start their own business!

1. Dream big.
2. Calculate the negative effects.
3. Expand possibilities of a choice of.
4. Learn your market. Study those you invite. Own research best.
5. To take care of what the customer needs. And that you had a reliable means of persuasion.
6. Try to strengthen the attractiveness of the place.
7. Let start talking about you. The hype to what you have to offer. To be better than others.
8. Always fight back if you use.
9. Keep his word!
10. Consider the money. You can’t spend more than you need.

11. Have fun Chapter three – the origins! And again history, biography. Slip tips.

Even though the life of the author may be the main Council of life because each of us can apply them in your life! Important! Is to love what you do! A good book that worth a read, but only the second part! Or highlight important points (above), and most importantly – apply them in your life! Great tips!

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