three-cups-of-tea-epub-mobi-ebooks-1Greg Mortenson – American, has devoted himself for the benefit of Pakistan and Afghanistan. He – a wonderful man who gave a lot, but received even more. After an unsuccessful attempt to conquer the mountain top in Pakistan, a young man finds himself in God (and the government), the forgotten village.

Watching the lives of local people, especially children, is maturing in his mind the idea to build a school. He returned to America to save money. So he starts his way to educate children. During the first school there are new. More and more children enter the schools. And most importantly – to allow for the formation and girls.

Building schools comes amid the fighting, Greg faces many challenges – from the delivery of construction materials to the bomb over his head. But the strength of the desire to help led him forward, and only forward.

In this light the book reveals a very profound idea – education is a means of combating terrorism. Heroes of the book more than once repeated that the only books and education will enable people to expand the boundaries of understanding the world. After all, only limited people find themselves at the mercy of others, become their instrument. Uneducated people are easier to manage, their head may be filled with the necessary garbage, they are ideal pawn in the game. But Greg gives people the light. They appreciate his contribution they idolized him.

This book-biography has been criticized. Someone says Greg misappropriated money that should go to building schools. Someone thinks that he built much smaller schools than is told in the book. But in any case, he built only one school, if he has given a chance for a brighter future at least a hundred children, it is to be commended.

He gives himself to distant Asian countries, forgetting about his own family. And that is what causes mixed feelings in me. On the one hand, he is engaged in a noble cause. If it was not an accident, and not responsible for his promise, he would not have to build a school. If it had not built a school, the ordinary girl decided not to become a doctor. If she had not become a doctor, the babies continued to die before they reach the years and adults have died of simple diseases. It would seem, what trifle – built school. But what is the result – health and long life! And it could do only one man who certainly worthy of admiration!