a-thousand-days-in-tuscany-a-bittersweet-adventure-by-marlena-de-blasiThey met and got married without thinking is dangerous, too short acquaintance, she was a chef from America, and released not one cookbook, and he worked as a banker in a Venetian Bank. This is not enough, they decided, and made another bold step she moved from the beautiful city of Venice.

The problem is that it was love at first sight. It riveted the countryside and ancient villages. And in Tuscany she found all this, all what she wanted since childhood.

Especially her liking one village, which is like a piece of cake for beginners. These are eternal festivals, plantations of grapes, chestnuts. Look for truffles no less attractive. They live and enjoy each day, notify all useful and valuable. This is the story of love itself, a warm and fierce, which comes from the heart.

These wonderful days in Tuscany, or rather they were a thousand, helped her create the book and write a huge variety of aromatic recipes.

This book written by Marlena De Blasi, which is striking for its depth of thought and philosophy.

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