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Name of eBook: The Villa Rubein
Author: John Galsworthy
eBook genre: Fiction & Literature
Available Download Formats: ePub


There once was a young artist, full of hope, seeing the world through the prism of its elusive, rastsvechivaya the world with its colors. In General, the artist, what a lot. Although no, every artist wants to be special. Few succeed, but they do. He didn’t care how he’s dressed, looks like in the eyes of others.

Anyway. But one meeting-certainly with a nice girl-brought him to the Villa Rubein. The Villa had a motley crowd, one character is more interesting the other … Oh, the art! It’s so interesting … Two sisters start posing for the artist. He is from the lower strata of society, there can be nothing in common between them. The English aristocracy will not allow a misalliance. But he’s in love! Oh, he’s in love…

Is he in love? How nice and what a new welcome. you was thinking, and would be able to fall in love with Uptown girl in an ordinary commoner, who did not like his peasant family and ran away, he wanted the big world and the parents refused it. To love simply for the fact that I want to love.

Now he is free from shackles, although it is hard to live for the poor. But he will prove to the world that he is talented. And he will prove it first of all rich, spoiled, not knowing difficulties of life to the beauty whom native prepare other future. It’s amazing how rich the world literature is in repetitions. you must admit, it was boring in such a sentimental narrative the Sandman.

Yearning, you tried to assume what will come up next, the great Galsworthy, to fall in love with a rich woman in the artist, except that he was poor, but very talented, what is he supposed to do, not just to please her, and fall in love once and for all, what is that force her to dream, to experience and be inspired. What will help earn her heart, asleep in the wilderness.

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