herbert-george-wells-the-time-machineHerbert George Wells – a great romantic science. One has only to run through the eyes list of his works, to verify this: «The Time Machine», «Invisible Man», «The First Men in the Moon», «The Man Who Could Work Miracles», etc. Who has not dreamed to see near craters of the moon, unnoticed among the crowd or be transported into the distant past or the unknown future? Imagine you’re flying through all four dimensions of space, then pulled the brake and… you are in another world, a world of eight hundred and two thousand seven hundred and one! What do you expect to see?


The world in high-tech, flying cars, skyscrapers, metal, and various kinds of robots in the service of mankind? Or return to the middle ages: the dirt, the plague, bloody war, and a stop sign for science? And, maybe, the occupation of Earth by alien civilizations or cavemen surrounded by mammoths? Passion as I wonder what spiral would go the story this time!

But, cautiously opening the cabin door, you see a peaceful landscape, yet familiar to our eyes. Green meadows, big trees, flowers of unprecedented beauty…such a sweet heart pattern. But what is white in the distance? And who run towards you? Whose eyes sparkle menacingly in the dark? Why the silence of the night soaked in fear? If interested, do not read the review further, please refer to the book, as without revealing the plot further will not do.

Dreams, dreams, dreams… But alas, departs from the flight of fancy, performing the most beautiful dream of man, and in the end it comes down only to the social component. Probably, it is difficult to draw a class distinction more clearly and vividly than did wells at the beginning of its history. Beautiful, delicate, graceful Eloi, living in magnificent palaces amid the beautiful parks, unburdened by any concerns or troubles, always cheerful, always carefree, a model of purity and perfection (even they eat only fruit). Yes, their race is degenerate, they crossed the peak of its progress, and now with increasing speed sank lower and lower. But this is a logical result of the development of civilization where you don’t need the power and don’t need a reason, where there is plenty and everything is perfect. For the time traveler it could seem a bit sad spectacle, but still nice to know that humanists and idealists of all times and peoples, eventually reached their goal. But this is only one side of the coin…

There is one race – the Morlocks. That’s not envy them… Live underground, like humanoid spiders, the owners of pale and cold skin, and a huge reddish-grey eyes, unable to stand sunlight, are engaged in manufacturing and spend all their life in darkness, surrounded by the soulless mechanisms. Such clear contrasts, which comes almost to the point of absurdity. “It seemed to me clear as day that the gradual deepening of the current temporary social differences between Capitalists and Workers was the key to his new situation”. But the writer, to his credit, not put a point here, or “time Machine” would remain the only Pro-socialist propaganda. He created the world of the future have lost the logic of their relationships, and race of underground creatures surpassed the wisdom of their pampered “upper” neighbors.

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