The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch by Philip Kindred DickDick’s idea in this work is that on Earth the temperature rises, life becomes impossible and people begin to colonize a nearby planet to the Ground, well, sort of nebitlije too. The planets are all very bad to do nothing and so the settlers stay on the drugs, which are called Can-D, complete with the drug is the House of Barbie and Ken’s Pet kit (quick Pat with her boyfriend and all sorts of toy household items, clothes, furniture, dishes, etc. etc.) with which the settlers can move in a perfect earthly world and live a slightly glamorous life.

Officially only sold Pet set, drugs are sold unofficially. Suddenly, Proxima returns with a Palmer Eldritch and he brings out a more powerful and steep drug chew-Z (Choo-Z) and starts a war between two drug cartels using Saparov (seeing the future). New drug allows a person to get into any world he wants and the time spent in this world can last a very long time, unlike Can-D, time reality time Choo-Z is correlated very weakly, in the world of the drug may take a week but in reality won’t be one second.

Well, of course everyone wanted the drug began to take it. And I quickly lost the thread of reality, whether all this is a hallucination or time travel, or parallel worlds, all mixed up with the house Oblonsky. But it attracts in the works of an author, unrestrained flight of fantasy, a rejection of the understanding of reality as the one and only.

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