the-secret-agent-a-simple-tale-by-joseph-conradThe present work provides a new look at a classic of English literature Joseph Conrad (1857-1924), who is known to many readers a few one-sided – as a marine painter and author of adventure novels set in exotic countries. Personality Conrad is unique: pole by birth, he, not knowing English in his childhood, he mastered it and became not only the captain of the British merchant fleet, but then the writer whose adventurous-psychological novels produced a phenomenon of European modernism. His skill was recognized even a purist like Mr. James.

No less ironic is the fact that the author, declaring hostility to the entire Russian (Russian literature, Russian language, Russian seeking, Russian revolutionary idea), at the peak of their creativity creates two novels – “The Secret Agent: A Simple Tale” (1907) and “In the eyes of the West” (1910), the United it is the “Russian theme” in the treatment of which Conrad is an essential part of F. Dostoevsky. In both novels we find a tense affair, and colorful characters, and deep psychological analysis of the perpetrators of terror, and romance, and criticism of modern Western civilization from the standpoint of a kind of messianism.

In “Secret Agent” – the novel, which is highly appreciated Thomas Mann, created recruited by the Embassy of one of the Eastern powers (meaning the Russian Empire) people of the London “underground”, forced under pressure from its “curator” from the Embassy to organize the explosion of the Royal Observatory at Greenwich – for the sake of the international struggle against terror, to portray the attacks on Western civilization and science. Conrad describes in detail how the police is on the trail of a criminal and what conflicts arise among police officers in connection with the disclosure of this mystery; juicy paints portraits of anarchists, a family tragedy of the title character, who turns out to be characteristic kordowski double: both an anti-hero, and the hero of “the opposite.” This subtle psychological novel is often considered the most brilliant satirical works of Conrad, he is riddled with irony and black humor.

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