Name of eBook: The Sadist (Bad Boys Book 6)
Author: Jordan Silver
eBook genre: Fiction & Literature › Romance Books
Available Download Formats: ePub
The «The Sadist» by Jordan Silver Review and Quotes: Most women craved nasty food combinations during pregnancy; my princess craved my dick. That’s not so bad in and of itself, I got a kick outta banging the shit outta her pregnant pussy, but it was all the extra shit that had me running scared. I’d created a monster. She wanted me to tie her ass up and spank her and all that other shit. Now how would I look roping my pregnant wife in her third trimester?

And if that shit isn’t bad enough, I’m still breaking out in cold sweats. Ever since the doctor said ‘girl’ I’ve been on a tear. Stacey thinks it’s guilt over past sins that has me in such a tizzy as she calls it when it comes to my daughter; she could be right. Whatever the reason I’ve already started putting shit in place to safeguard my kid once she gets here. Of course my boy is well protected, but little girls need their daddy to be on top of shit from the get. Lotta assholes roaming the streets!

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