The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

Oscar-Wilde-The-Picture-of-Dorian-GrayHe suffered the fate he deserves. The fate of not squandering happiness of Daffodils. About him remember, perhaps …

Name Dorian Gray nail hammered into history thanks to the greatest writers of his time Oscar Wilde. Initially, I had a desire to analyze the behavior of the hero, but after a dozen or so pages you get tired of the annoying narcissism. Forgive my desire to pursue literary parallels, but I can not resist not to compare Dorian Gray with Faust. Both entered into a deal with the devil in order to preserve the freshness, youth and beauty. At Gray has his Mephistopheles (Lord Henry). However, to be sincere, I believe that Faust person of higher moral values (in this case, if at all appropriate to talk about them).

For the purpose of life Grey is simple: it is in that no matter what wants to “stay as you are,” and a portrait, let him change. Contrary to the laws of nature, in spite of everything, he passionately wants everything to be so! Naive, because it does not happen.

In Gray’s life no spark, there is no love. Do you think it can be considered a passing craze, which took possession of him in relation to Sybil Vane, love ?! He creates a story, an illusion, a mirage. But then he and mirage, to vanish in an instant, like smoke. What Dorian called “love”, suffered a total collapse, and here he is in despair makes the first fatal mistake, he throws the man who loves him dearly, stale phrase: “You killed my love!”. Not fragile girl’s heart was able to make such a crushing blow, broke …

Overall, I was more interested to read not. I explain: it becomes clear that nothing intelligent of Dorian did not come, because the degradation process is accelerated and the apogee of this outrage is not far off. Gray “stronger falls in love with its beauty and all watched with great interest, the expansion of his soul” – so writes the author, so we see. Dorian himself planted in his perfect skin, seeking solace in music, collecting antiques and precious stones, for narcotic potions, fall in love over and over again, but love can not. So goes life, call it a life not dare, once a promising young man of his appearance.

Grey’s tormented conscience, which in the novel takes a bizarre image – portrait. Dorian himself says that “the portrait – like conscience. Yes, the conscience. And we must destroy it. ” Destroyed, so what we’ll see in the end.

For the life of Dorian Gray – a market in which trade in all sorts of pleasures and delights of life. You know, this is on sale in the US boutique: a hurry to grab their piece, despite the fact that often goes on corpses. So, literally, and the Gray goes to the pursuit of youth, joy, etc., etc. … So goes life, pointless, useless. Gray not only a portrait of timeless and magnificent …

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