The Letter by Kathryn HughesName of eBook: The Letter 
Author: Kathryn Hughes
eBook genre: Fiction & Literature › Drama › Historical
Available Download Formats: ePub
The «The Letter» by Kathryn Hughes Review and Quotes: Every once in a while, a monumental romantic novel comes around and reminds us all that even when it seems like everything’s lost and there’s no light at the end of the tunnel, hope can give up the necessary strength to keep going. The Letter is a captivating, moving, uplifting story that has already conquered the hearts and minds of countless folks around the world.

Tina has been living with her abusive husband for far too long, and all she dreams of these days is running away from him and starting a peaceful life. She’s working 24/7 just to earn enough cash to make it on her own. Plus, she’s a volunteer in a charity shop, which allows her to spend as little time at home as possible. One day, while checking the pockets of some cheap clothes, she comes across an ancient letter.

The envelope has never been opened and she’s probably the only one to see it. Without giving it much thought, she cracks the letter open letter and reads it, thus forever changing her own life. Bill knows better than anyone that he’s been a big fool, but he still has hope that there’s a chance to make everything right again. It’s 1939, just before WW2, and he sits down and makes himself jot down the letter that could very well define his future.

Eventually, it does greatly affect his life, but in more ways, than he could ever think…The Letter tells a poignant tale of 2 brave women, born years apart. Their lifelines are intertwined with each other. What if one person’s devastation could actually lead to another one’s salvation? Kathryn Hughes wrote an epic romantic novel slash drama that is a must-have for you if you appreciate one-of-a-kind stories that can inspire and motivate.

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