The Husband's Secret by Liane MoriartyThe book «The Husband’s Secret» tells the story of three Australian women. They are not friends and never will be. Just their paths are destined to cross soon at one point and globality of destruction in the scale of personal disasters this meeting can be compared with the collision of two high-speed trains. If the fate of the two women to the reader is obvious, on the third I thought for a while. Why is she here? From the point of view of the overall plot, she plays a cameo role.

The meaning of her presence here can be summarized in the old joke about the meaning of life.
– Why I lived, God?
– Remember the dinner at the General? You were supposed to pass the salt.

Like a trifle, but in the novel, Moriarty is the salt shaker would be able to avert disaster or to wage war. Therefore, the one who gave it, is important to the story. This novel is about how the little things of life, as small and seemingly even inconspicuous events that can turn over its entire course. Phone call new dress, television show suddenly become crucial.

From the novel «The Husband’s Secret» by Liane Moriarty impossible to put down. His heroines live on another continent, but their thoughts and feelings clear and close. Mother in law hate daughters-in-law, friend betraying, cheating husbands, rude children, with homework, need help and time to cook dinner. Moriarty is collecting in a heap all to complain about each other when meeting friends, and makes his characters suffer in these troublesome times, remembering how relaxed and happy.

They say that a woman is like a tea bag: you never know how strong she can be until she will be in the boiling water. Have Moriarty for his heroines ready a pot of boiling water and place in it enough for everyone.